American Indian Tea Party - Resisting Tyranny of Federally Recognized Tribes against State recognized Tribes

On 4/20/2001, the "God Vault" and Cherokee Synagogue inside the 1806 Congressional Cherokee reservation headquarters at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee were unconstitutionally locked up and sealed by order of a Tennessee Circuit Court Judge and Special Master -- who has callously disregarded the rulings of higher courts.

1. The Central Band of Cherokee has been under attack for 11 years with no assistance from city, county, state, or federal law enforcement.

2. The Tribe displays a 3 inch thick file folder of official reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of obvious violations of law

3. that include, domestic terrorism, racketeering, anti-Semitism, discrimination, KKK involvement, banking fraud, postal fraud, contempt of court, etc