Join the Collaborative Project Group to build a free, publicly available, online Empathy and Compassion Curriculum that brings together all the different modes and ways of learning about empathy!

This is a collaborative online project to create the biggest, most comprehensive, most informative, easiest to use, free online curriculum for learning (and teaching) empathy and compassion. We use the latest technology, text, media, video, etc, etc. You can join and help create this curriculum. Also, learn it and help teach it.

We need your help in getting involved and spreading the word by inviting your friends. Help create the curriculum with whatever time and skills you would like to offer. There's a lot to do. Add your voice and efforts to create a world wide culture of empathy and compassion!

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Edwin Rutsch
Founder/ Director
Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

1. Free empathy and compassion for all

2. Share, Learn and Teach Empathy to All

3. Community Organizing, Research, Education, Advocacy and Action to Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion.