To educate and raise awareness about horse slaughter, and end the cruelty

Each year, tens of thousands of American horses—riding horses, carriage horses, race horses, wild horses, and children’s ponies—are inhumanely transported and slaughtered, their meat shipped to places like France, Italy, and Japan for human consumption.
Slaughter is not euthanasia—it is a brutal and terrifying end for horses. Transported in trailers intended for short necked species, many injuries and deaths occur en route but are simply the cost of doing business for killer buyers.

We should not allow our horses to be subjected to this tremendous cruelty inside—or outside—of our borders. Help us save America's horses from slaughter.

Get the facts on horse slaughter: http://bit.ly/slaughterfacts

Get the facts on horse auctions: http://bit.ly/auctionfacts

Get the facts on the transport to slaughter: http://bit.ly/transportfacts

1. Horses are bought at auction by killer buyers who outbid families looking for horses, and rescues trying to save them from the slaughterhouse

2. USDA statistics show that more than 92 percent of horses slaughtered are in good condition and able to live productive lives.

3. Horses can be shipped for up to 28 hours with no food or water, and can be heavily pregnant, missing an eye or lame.

4. Over 300 substances are regularly given to horses but are NOT approved for use in horses intended as food.

5. Horses are killed via shot gun, knife or captive bolt gun - horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia