To help CUPW members get a fair deal

The members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) will begin job action tonight at midnight, Thursday, June 2, 2011, in an attempt to get Canada Post to withdraw its demands for significant wage and benefit concessions and reach a fair deal for postal workers and the communities they serve.

In the initial stages of this dispute, CUPW will undertake rotating job action, and will be announcing the locations of these picket lines in advance.

The labour movement stands with our sisters and brothers in CUPW, and we encourage members of BC communities to show their support for these workers by not using Canada Post services until there is a fair settlement, and by demonstrating your support on CUPW picket lines in your community.

While Canada Post Corporation has enjoyed good profits for 14 years - and has not cost taxpayers a dime - the Corporation continues to try to drive down wages of employees, and ignores workplace health and safety problems while service to the public deteriorates.

Key outstanding issues in this dispute include:

· Employer proposals for two tiered wages and pension benefits to apply to new employees

· Elimination of the sick leave plan

· Workplace health and safety

· Service to the public as a result of “modernization” of postal services

1. Raise awareness among the public about issues

2. Raise awareness among the rank and file of union members

3. Encourage unions and locals to support CUPW members.