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ROLDA plans to purchase a big piece of land, approx 40-60 hectares of forest and pasture, hopefully with a natural source of water. After being fenced and secured, this forest shelter will become the forever home for the dogs which cannot be rehomed for various reasons, and here they will enjoy freedom, living in controlled packs, supervised by caretakers and a vet technician.

All the dogs will be sterilized prior to be released in the natural shelter and micro chipped, they will be sharing inexpensive wood houses and few workers will clean area, give the dogs food in the exact same location, and water constantly.
According to people who already tried this concept of “natural shelter”: viruses such as kennel cough, distemper and parvo do not occur in a natural, open environment. If the dogs are well-fed with a high protein and fat diet they do not suffer from cold and positively thrive in snow.

The start-up cost will be high, but the administrative costs prove to be much smaller than the monthly costs for a shelter with kennels facilities. The project was already tested and functional in countries like Turkey, we also have in Romania a similar project in Bihor area created by Robert Smith.
Every hectare of land/forest costs between 3000 -5000 EUR.

We need one/two big sponsors to help us purchase this land (40hectares or more) to offer a humane alternative to senior dogs, shy or not friendly, not rehabilitated dogs . We also need support from all our donors and helpers to fence around the property and build the dogwood houses.

The “imprisoned “dogs freedom and good quality of life will worth all the efforts and sacrifices that we do now.

Note: 1 acre = 0, 404 hectares

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