Providing a quality of life to abused, old, disabled, rescue dogs from streets which have zero rehoming chances.

What remains to a dog which born and live years on the streets, after being catch and put in the kennel? The hope that after a resonable time, someone will want to adopt him forever.And if this doesn't happen?
What remains after giving up hoping? Looking into a dog eyes, you know when he gave up!
Put the same dog back in "the wild", and you'll see him re-borning!

1. Old rescue dogs deserve a chance to enjoy quality life!

2. Shy,scared,abused street dogs can enjoy the freedom,living in "the wild", as they were born!

3. A life in prison kennels,for years is not worth living!

4. Unadoptable dogs , used to live on the streets, will enjoy every day of their lives!