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Will you help save wild parrots this year?

Dear Friend,

In a filthy, dark crate dozens of baby parrots huddle miserably. They have been stolen from wild nests and are too young to feed or fend for themselves. They have been packed 40 or more to a crate, and are piled on top of each other. They're hungry and exhausted. Many will not survive.

This scene plays out frequently in many countries – these birds were in Mexico.

Thanks to the outstanding gifts provided by people like you, these young parrots were saved. Dozens have been returned to the wild, many more will follow soon.

Incidents like these are one of the main reasons the World Parrot Trust launched the FlyFree ( ( in 2009, in an effort to stop the wild parrot trade across the globe in countries like Brazil, Honduras, Cameroon, Mexico, India and Nepal. Growth has been swift and the program has now aided the rescue of over 4,800 birds.

Read about FlyFree in Action » (

Great news isn't it? But our work is not done. In the next 12 months WPT will help rescue parrots in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Bonaire, Cameroon, Uganda, Nepal, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

With your help we can:

- Continue to encourage confiscation of illegal shipments of parrots
- Help rehabilitate and release birds caught in the trade
- Champion the adoption and enforcement of laws that protect parrots
- Support programs that educate the public about the value of parrots to the world
- Fund research into better understanding regional aspects of the trade

( the year draws to a close, I am writing to personally ask you to consider supporting our efforts. Just one gift of $25, $50 or $100 will help us support the rescue of parrots from this unsustainable and destructive trade. Any amount donated helps and directly aids parrot conservation and welfare.

Thank you for considering this request!

Best wishes for the New Year,

Steve Milpacher,
Director of Operations
World Parrot Trust

P.S. Please make your donation via the FlyFree website ( to ensure your gift is matched!

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