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Can you help us save another 4,915 parrots?

Dear Friend,

This year's FlyFree campaign is off to an outstanding start! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far -- it's been a great help. Your support is essential and directly aids parrots.

Here's what's happening: over the past four years, ongoing efforts to stop the wild-caught bird trade led to the confiscation of 4,915 parrots from illegal shipments occurring in Africa, South America and Asia.

Over 2,000 of these rescued birds have already been released back to the wild!

In 2011 the need for intervention rose dramatically -- but because of your support,
the World Parrot Trust (WPT) helped: 

- Rehabilitate – WPT partners rescued hundreds of chicks and
  adults in Bonaire, Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda, Cameroon and Mexico 

- Release – WPT supported the release of hundreds of parrots in
  Costa Rica, Uganda, Cameroon, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and Bonaire

- Educate – WPT assisted with outreach efforts to educate school children
  and adults in Uganda, Honduras and Nepal 

- Legislate – WPT encouraged the adoption of a temporary moratorium
  on the importation of wild-caught Grey Parrots into South Africa 

- Support – WPT provided technical, medical and logistical backing for
  efforts in Uganda, Bonaire and Mexico

Your gift helped save a diverse range of species: Grey Parrots, Red-masked, Orange-fronted, Cactus and Brown-throated Conures, Scarlet, Blue and yellow and Great Green Macaws, and Yellow-shouldered, Red-lored, Blue-fronted and Vinaceous Amazons.

But our work is not done. Many more birds will need help in the coming year if they are to be returned safe and free back to the wild.

Help us save more birds in 2012! (

Great news: Thanks to the generous contributions of Terry & Bill Pelster, and Jack Devine of Macaw Landing Foundation, your gift will be matched until January 31, 2012. Each donation will be DOUBLED up to a total of $30,000 (£20,000). That's $60,000 (£40,000) to go towards protecting parrots!

Please visit the FlyFree website to make your donation count for DOUBLE: (

Best regards,

Steve Milpacher
Director of Operations
World Parrot Trust

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