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FlyFree Update: Thanks to you, we did it!

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the outstanding support of people like you, we have surpassed our goal of raising $60,000 (£40,000) to rescue parrots from the wild-caught trade. Well done!

Because of this incredible generosity, our matching donors will continue to double any new donations we receive for FlyFree until January 31st, 2012.

This means more resources to help parrots return to the wild - at a time that they need help more than ever.

Why? Because parrots are still being caught for the wildlife trade - day in and day out. And although greatly reduced, it is a practice that continues to deplete wild parrot populations - affecting thousands of individuals in many countries where parrots are naturally found.

But thankfully more parrots are being saved, sent to rescues, treated for injury and disease, and released back into the wild. Last year alone WPT and our partners helped almost 5,000 parrots to be rescued, with many returning to freedom.

And best of all, we were able to do this because of your gift. But we'll need more help saving parrots. If you have already given, we thank you! If not, will you help save another 5,000 parrots? (

Best wishes for the New Year,

Steve Milpacher

Director of Operations, 

World Parrot Trust

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