Parrot Lovers Cruise: Book Now!

Time is running out. Have you booked your seat yet? Sailing October 30th - November 6th - Western Caribbean Don't miss out on this opportunity to travel and learn together. There is nothing like it anywhere for people who love birds, warm nights and…Read More

Petition Update: Making progress, but still need your help

Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign our petition to save the Greys Parrots in South Africa. With your actions, you have made a powerful statement to the authorities. And, although we have not yet won this fight, WPT remains steadfast in our…Read More

Petition to Save Grey Parrots in S. Africa: We need your help!

  WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT --------------------- In April 2011, 161 wild-caught African Grey parrots were confiscated by the South African Military Police as they were about to be smuggled across the Lebombo border between South Africa and…Read More

Save Bonaire's Parrots

Dear Friends, On Friday, July 1st, Echo - a World Parrot Trust FlyFree partner - received an emergency call for help from STINAPA (Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire). Following a tip-off, STINAPA had seized a group of 112 parrots from an illegal trader. The…Read More

Will you help save wild parrots this year?

Dear Friend, In a filthy, dark crate dozens of baby parrots huddle miserably. They have been stolen from wild nests and are too young to feed or fend for themselves. They have been packed 40 or more to a crate, and are piled on top of each other. They're…Read More

Can you help us save another 4,915 parrots?

Dear Friend, This year's FlyFree campaign is off to an outstanding start! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far -- it's been a great help. Your support is essential and directly aids parrots. Here's what's happening: over the past four years, ongoing…Read More

FlyFree Update: Thanks to you, we did it!

Dear Friend, Thanks to the outstanding support of people like you, we have surpassed our goal of raising $60,000 (£40,000) to rescue parrots from the wild-caught trade. Well done! Because of this incredible generosity, our matching donors will continue to…Read More
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