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Carnival of 5 Fires This Weekend!



oct 3-5

Featured artistS:

The Art of GWAR:
(featuring aliens, beasts, and other freaky
props from the Gwar’s Slave Pit.)
Joseph WhitField
Rebecca Witt
Kate Horne
Julie Elkins
Dave MacDowell
Mike Libby
Jason Boyer
Brandon Nutchild Johnson
Courtney Ford

Featured performerS:
(For detailed info about performers refer to back of program)

No BS Brass Band
The Accordion Death Squad
The Hellblinki Sextet
Sweet Tease Burlesque
Rose Csorba’s “Suspended Disbelief” Marionettes
Samyra and the Serpents
Punk Sinatra
Magic stage show by World Champion Larry Volz
Chris Milk’s Huckiddy Puppet Theatre
All The Saints Theater Company
Bread and Puppet’s “ Lubberland National Dance Company”
Thea Duskin
Fire in the Belly
G5 Fire

Friday, october 3rd
First Friday Opening Night
7:00 - Midnight $5 door

Downstairs Main Stage:
7:15PM Accordian Death Squad
8:20PM Fire in the Belly
8:45PM The Hellblinki Sextet
9:30PM Sweet Tease Burlesque
10:10PM Fire in the Belly
10:30PM No BS Brass

8:30-Samyra and the Serpents

Outdoors and Throughout the Evening:
G5 Fire
Punk Sinatra Theater
Suspended Disbelief Marionette Theater
Tarot Card Readings

Saturday, october 4th....

Something Wicked...The Dark Carnival
7:00 - Midnight $5 door

LIVE Performances, Carnival Games,
Freak Costume Contest with Prizes, Dance Party
Forbidden Punch and much more!!

7:00PM PLF Djs Reinhold and Jennings
8:00PM The Accordion Death Squad
8:30PM World Class Magician Larry Volz
9:00PM Sweet Tease Burlesque
9:45PM Gull
10:15PM Hellblinki
10:45PM PLF Djs Reinhold and Jennings
11:45PM Freaky Costume Contest!
Winner of the freaky costume contest will receive
over $250 worth of prizes and gift certificates by:
World of Mirth, Mongrel and Carytown Bicycle.

Dark Carnival Games:
Pin the Tail on the Honkey!
Pin up Dart Throw!
Tarot Readers!
Dark Carnival Photo Booth!
Can Blaster Twisted Bean Bag Toss!
Gamble With Death!
Black Jack with your host...the infamous Death!

Throughout the night:
Suspended Disbelief Marionette Theater

Sunday, october 5th
Spaghetti Dinner Theater
7:00PM $8-$15 Sliding Scale
11:00AM (All day workshop until show opening)

7:00PM Spaghetti Dinner (Upstairs with LIVE Music)
8:00PM Chris Milk Hulburt's Huckiddy Puppet Theatre
8:45PM Thea Duskin's Shadow Puppets
9:00PM Alison Self
9:15PM Bread & Puppet Theater Presents:
The Lubberland National Dance Company
(7 Election Dances with Local Volunteers)
10:00PM Alison Self
10:15PM All The Saints Theater Company

Free Bread & Puppet Workshop!
Learn the show and join world famous Bread and Puppet in the Lubberland National Dance Company. You do not have to be a dancer or performer, just show up at 11am and be a part of history and the Carnival of 5 Fires! All the Saints Theater Company’ s Spaghetti Dinner starts at 7pm, October 5th. Volunteers get in free!
(If you plan on being a volunteering, show up at G5 at 11am w/ white clothes, a broom & a coat.)
For more info:
[email protected]

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