Another legislator meeting

Today Candace Rifkin, on behalf of the Mental Health Association's Better Days Ahead, met with Assemblyman Joe Morrelle along with representatives from NAMI. He seemed genuinely interested in the issue and was concerned that he was learning about it after the…Read More

Another article in the D & C. Here is a link to yet another article. Also, we have joint meeting coming up with NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) to meet with Joseph Morelle. Candi…Read More


It seems that perhaps RPC is not going to be closing it's child and adolescent beds as of 7/15/11 after all. Last night at the Community Services Board I heard from Betty Suhre that it may the governors ploy to get people moving making cuts before he just…Read More

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I have been informed that all of the Child and Adolescent Beds at Rochester Psychiatric Center will be closed by end of business on July 15, 2011! That is 2 1/2 months earlier than scheduled! There have been 11 positions cut as of last Friday including the…Read More

Upcoming Meeting

On Monday, June 13th I will presenting information on this cause to the Community Services Board of the Monroe County Office of Mental Health. Will let you know more after the meeting.

Meeting today with Senator Joseph Robach

Today one of our members along with folks from NAMI met with Senator Joe Robach. He has agreed to write a letter to Commissioner Hogan regarding the bed situation at Rochester Psychiatric Center. Thanks Joe! Good work.

Democrat and Chronicle Article

Watch for an article in the next few days in the D&C by Chris Swingle. She has spent many hours interviewing people and writing a very thoughtful and intelligent article. Thanks Chris. Debbie Bartlett
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