They have rounded up wild horses in the Danube Delta, they beat them savagely, and they will start sending them to SLAUGHTER...

Dear officials.

We just found out with stupor, about the decision of local authorities in the Galati county, to start the round up and the SLAUGHTER of the wild horses who live in the renowned natural Park The Letea Forest, th the Danube Della.

We are appalled by these kind of decisions, (to slaughter animals) taken recently by Romanian authorities...it is beyond our understanding WHY other, more civilized and humane measures are never taken in consideration by Romanian Authorities when it come the over population of animals, of any kind.

It is very obvious that Romanian authorities are prone to KILL animals, rather than develop and implement programs which will help solve these situations in a civilized and humane manner as expected from a country in the EU in the 21st century.

We are aware of the treasure these animals represent , as described in the videos linked bellow:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqm4El-TPwg&feature=related We kindly ask the Romanian Authorities to immediately reverse their decision and to consult with International Animal welfare organizations, Romanian Animal Protection Organizations, specialists , and to find another solution to let these animals live in peace in their natural habitat. We are determined to expose the way Romanian treats animals, all over the world, and we are also determined to boycott Romania, because such barbaric treatment of animals is unacceptable in the civilized world.

In the last couple of months, Romania took front stage , around the world, with the HORRIBLE treatment of stray dogs...who Romania continues to slaughter...now, Romania decided to also KILL all WILD HORSES...
Please, dear Romanian officials, look at these videos...and think again...all you do lately is to DESTROY...

we found out in HORROR, that these animals are rounded up, barbarically, are beaten, some mares gave birth because of fear and stress, are kept without food nor water..they will be sent to ITALY....
THIS IS SO BARBARIC...and let it be know, the International organization VIER-PFOTEN, tries to persuade the authorities, to let THEM, take care of these horses, to provide a small part of this immense territory, for the...yet ROMANIAN authorities , as usual prefer THE MASS KILLING...
VIER PFOTEN salveaza caii salbatici din Delta Dunarii!
Ei sunt caii Padurii Letea:
Caii de la Letea, salvaţi doar în teorie
Proiect pentru protejarea Padurii Letea si a cailor semi-salbatici
Cum ne vindem pe nimic caii salbatici din Delta

It is beyond our understanding how the decision to KILL these animals has been taken...

Please, take note about this broadcast on international television about these wonderful animals you intend to KILL..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRdV5oQL1AY&feature=related

We thank you for the time accorded to read this petition and we still hope that the Romanian authorities will bring back their own country in the 21st century, in the civilized world.

Please also take note of this petition

The time has come for the Romanian Government to honor the membership of Romania in the EU, and to solve all problems regarding animals overpopulation, based on the principles stipulated in the International Conventions and Treaties Romanian has signed and ratified.

Thank you very much for your attention.

1. Please STOP the round-up and the slaughter of the wild horses in the Danube Delta