PETA news

PETA's Cruelty Investigations Department (CID) is on the front lines in the fight to help neglected and abused dogs nationwide. Make a donation today that will provide a doghouse for a lonely dog and help him survive both the hottest days of the summer and…Read More

Circus with animals is stupidy

Every day come reports of abused or killed animals in circuses around the world. Some cities already ban animals in circuses. Boycott these ridiculous shows with wild animals. Boycott rodeos. Strive to make such practices illegal.animals Conect with us and…Read More

São Paulo has officialy the first Police office department for animal crimes.

The facebook causes group (with more than 170.000 members) contributes for local politicians in Sao Paulo to open the first Police Office to investigate crimes against animals. Thats…Read More

global animal news

Good news: In some cities in the world animals in circuses, TV shows are prohibited, such as in Sao Paulo - Brazil, Latin America's largest city. What about your city, it is forbidden or not? Tell…Read More

thank you members

Great comments and interactions all the members have been done lately. We´re updating the posts everyday from the new Facebook dashboard, easier to work and post links and news not only about the Hunting but also including animal´s agression. For further…Read More


BRAZIL - ABSURD CHECK THE VIDEO Cavalo morre em rodeio - video -

thank you new members

I´d like to thank messages and nem members for joining the cause. Very recently some links for videos and web sites has been posted (links for hunting stuff market web sites). We´re working to organize the hunting map across the World - it´s from Australia,…Read More
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