Show our support and raise matching funds!

Hey everybody! BIG NEWS! We've got an offer on the table from an anonymous organization that will MATCH donations if the HealthCare for Michigan Campaign can raise $50,000 from organizations and individuals. Let's show everyone that we're putting our money…Read More

We are at 100,000 signatures!!!

Great news everyone. We are now a quarter of the way to our goal! Thanks to everyone for your hard work and efforts in gathering signatures to place affordable health care on this November's ballot. The momentum is building! We need your support now more…Read More

This Month's HEALTH CARE FOR MICHIGAN Challenge!

Invite Your Friends! Donate to the Campaign! This month's challenge is two-fold: 1) Recruit 200 people to our Cause here on Facebook (and we're already most of the way there!) 2) Reach a donation goal of $2500! If everyone in our cause gave just $10 we…Read More

Thank You! Congratulations!

Hi All - We MADE it!! Congratulations on getting us to $1000 in the month of February. We knew we could do it. I am so proud of all of you! Now let's get started on our March goal early! There are nearly 120 people in the cause - let's get to $2500 and 150…Read More

Get us over $1000!

We need 10 people to commit to donating only $5 each to break the $1000 mark in online contributions! We don't have big money behind this campaign - it's going to be a lot of work on the part of ordinary folks like us giving what we can - $5, $10, $25 - to…Read More

Follow our donation progress!

Hi All - You can see how many people have donated and how much money we have made at As you can see we need to really step it up! Invite your friends and make a small donation. Even $5 or $10 will help -…Read More
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