End the cruel industry of killing animals for their fur.

There is no justifiable reason for wearing fur, especially when we are living in the 21st century. Animals have fur to keep themselves warm, not to let selfish humans wear it! They are killed in such inhumane ways that it is unimaginable why anyone would support this cruel business, all because they want to make a fashion statement. Greedy fur farmers only care about the quality of the fur, so they use methods such as poisoning the animals with exhaust from a truck to keep their pelts intact. Exhaust is not always lethal, and some animals WAKE UP WHILE BEING SKINNED. Other animals are electrocuted, gassed, or have their necks broken.

Minks, the most common animal used for fur, are killed when they are 6 months old. They live in such tight spaces that they will mutilate their own bodies out of frustration. Foxes, raccoons, and other animals suffer just as much.

So many people claim themselves to be environmentalists, but yet they don't pay attention to animal-related issues that seriously destroy the environment. Fur production uses 20 times more energy than is required to make a fake fur garment. Fur is also not biodegradable, thanks to the chemical treatment applied to stop the fur from rotting. The process of using these chemicals is also dangerous, as it can cause water contamination.

You wouldn't wear your dog or cat's fur, would you? It doesn't make it right to wear any other animals' furs.

1. Killing animals for their fur must end immediately.

2. People need to stop patronizing this cruel industry.