Spreading awareness of how our heritage monuments are being callously destroyed by techniques like Sandblasting

Incalculable and systematic damage is being done in the name of renovation to our great ancient sculptures and monuments, which could be over 1000 years old. This is simply due to lack of awareness which is just not acceptable in the information age we live in.
The technique of Sandblasting (a process of propelling very fine bits of material at high velocity on sculptures and pillars), for instance, may give a cleaned up look immediately, but, in fact, obliterates ancient inscriptions and also causes irredeemable damage to the features on the sculptures. People who donate towards the restoration of ancient temples may inadvertently be contributing to such permanent damage if methods like these are used.
Sadly, this great loss to our heritage has already occurred at many temples. To give some examples from Tamil Nadu: the Parthasarathy Temple, Chennai, the Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram, the Vedapureeswarar Temple, Vedaranyam, the Thyagarajaswamy Temple, Thiruvarur, the Prasanna Venkatachalapathy temple on the Chennai-Bangalore highway and many others.
The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and many other cultural organisations strongly disapprove of this but it continues to occur in little-known temples.
Let us spread the awareness to all relatives and friends who may be aware of these toxic renovations in temples near them to stop it by contacting the ASI (http://www.asi.nic.in/asi_aboutus_organization_headquarter.asp) or the Reach foundation (http://conserveheritage.org/?page_id=266)
Let us do every thing we can to protect these incredible priceless works of art that have been handed down to us over centuries and preserve them for future generations to come.

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