Christmas present for the penguins

Tell everyone you know to join this cause. A Christmas wish for the penguins and the planet.

Two days to go - lets get to 1000 members

Thank you so much for your contributions and friend requests to date. You guys are amazing. Penguins appreciate you. Lets do a big pull so that by International African Penguin day on Saturday we have a greater number of followers. Lets do it.


Penguin festival for the weekend at SANCCOB in Cape Town. Black and white day at uShaka Sea World. Hope to see you there. Get as many to join the cause as you can. Make that your promise for this important day.

poachers versus public

Cause of the rhino is horrific - man being outwardly visciously cruel. The African Penguin is being treated as shodily and yet we cannot point fingers at poachers for this one - our very own daily actions are causing the decline. Make a promise today. Get as…Read More

22 days to go

Lets have at least a 1000 people in this cause by International African Penguin day - 8 October. Wear black and white all day, with a disclaimer that you are not an all black supporter - unless you are. So peraps with a touch of green and gold. What else can…Read More

Oil in the sea

Once again oil threatens the African Penguin as ships break up and leach the killer stuff into the sea. What can we do differently to stop this devastation occuring.

uShaka Sea World makes a promise

uShaka Sea World is committing to ensuring that everyone who visits the penguins in this facility from December 2011 will make a promise to the penguins. Thank you!!!
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