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Photos used in this material belong to some charities/organizations which I will not name as I don't want to create a negative image to them, I just want to express myself free and protest against the abuses seen in these photos. This is not a fundraising message but an alert for all responsible citizens to protest against these cases of animals' cruelty.

Romania, part of European Union since 2007, is the country with an estimated number of 2.5 millions strays fighting the modern times to survive.
The poverty, corruption and lack of education are the principal reasons for Romania majors' problems, including the street dogs' overpopulation.
Often, the street dogs problem is used by the authorities for direct benefits (financials or as a target for election campaigns).

This can be an explanation why the local pounds administrated by most of the City Halls are depressing, filthy concentration camps: funds meant to reach the dogs' needs are spent elsewhere. The other explanation is the complete lack of care or basic knowledge to build and run a dog shelter.

You step inside a concentration camp knowing that you will see hopeless eyes, dogs crying to get a hug or a little attention, dogs yelling because of the pain, fighting each other, dogs too weak to stand up, starving…lots of pair of eyes, hundreds of them following every move you make, crying to be noticed and helped!

You might expect to enjoy a different reaction when seeing a dog shelter administrated by a charity, by animal lovers.

These shocking photos reflect the reality from the shelters run by some animal lovers. Seeing these photos, I can't make the difference between the pure torture of the dogs kept in the local pounds starving and in pain….or the dogs starving and suffering in charities' shelters. My first thought is WHY?

Why someone with no resources would crowd hundreds of dogs in filthy spaces, indoor or outdoor and hope? Dogs don't survive with HOPES. Plus, in captivity they can't search even for the rests from trash, as …sometimes they are chained!

ROLDA started the campaign against animals being chained years ago. It is against my moral standards, to allow to dogs being chained by the other animal lovers….As absurd as you would think it sounds, there is an explanation for chaining the dogs – they are too aggressive because they are crowded!

Fact is everyone can fail. Rising above the personal ego in order to stop animals' sufferance is not a shame. Keeping dogs like that is absurd, wrong and evil!
Resources to undertake an animal project are limited and hard to be found. Trying to help an animal is a brave and remarkable action, with a condition: that animal not to suffer more as a consequence of your "rescue".
Photos like these describe something worst then animals hoarding.
Keeping an animal chained and starving is an abuse. All over the World, the abuses are condemned.

Shelters need constant funding in order to function as TEMPORARE TRANSIT places for a dog until being re-homed. Of course, bad moments happens when for a day or two the lack of funds generate emergency appeals.

When yesterday, two days ago, two weeks ago there was no food for a shelter that increase irrationally the dogs number, HOPING for a better tomorrow, while the past and present was a dark experience – the shelter management is a disaster that affects the life of animals "saved".


Remember, you are a voice for these Romanian animals, so why are you silent now?


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