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We are asking you to sign with us.

In our last letter and recent postings, we shared that Fundación Pachamama, a founding member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and a legitimate, nonviolent advocate for indigenous communities and Rights of Nature, was illegally shut down by President Correa's Administration.

Fundación Pachamama has always promoted peaceful actions and strictly complied with Ecuadorian laws. It believes in collaboration between government and civil society, and is in the process now of contesting the government's decision through administrative channels. We have appealed to you for your support in writing letters on behalf of Fundación Pachamama. Thank you for the actions of individual and organizational solidarity many of you have taken.

Our next action is to prepare a single letter signed by as many of our member and other aligned organizations as possible by Monday December 23. The names of the signatory organizations will be added to the letter below. To add your organization's name, complete the short form at Sign Letter to Ecuador Government supporting Fundacion Pachamama

The letter will read:

December 23, 2013

Ambassadors of Ecuador
(To be addressed by Country)

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature requests the re-opening of Fundación Pachamama

As a Global Alliance of individuals and organizations who stand for the rights of all peoples and nature, we are writing you to denounce President Correa’s decision to arbitrarily and illegally dissolve the offices of the Quito-based non-governmental organization, Fundación Pachamama.

The President has falsely accused Fundación Pachamama of fomenting dissent and violence in its stand against oil development in and around indigenous territories in the south and central region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This dissolution seeks to repress Fundación Pachamama’s legitimate right to disagree with the government’s policies.

According to international law United Nations ILO Convention 169, "the right of Indigenous peoples to determine their own process of development" is guaranteed. Ecuador has ratified ILO Convention 169 and acknowledges rights of indigenous nations to protect and maintain their territories in its national constitution. For 16 years, Fundación Pachamama has served as a legitimate and nonviolent advocate for indigenous communities in Ecuador. Fundación Pachamama has given a vital voice to Ecuadorian citizens who want only to protect the rainforest and their ancestral territories, and to be consulted before any potentially damaging actions take place around their communities, as is their legal right.

We stand in support of Fundación Pachamama and freedom of speech in Ecuador. We request that the Ministry of Environment immediately revoke its order dissolving the foundation and allow Fundación Pachamama to resume its work.

Yours sincerely,

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

Your organization will added upon your request.


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