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Stop the biggest man made hole on Earth

Stop the biggest man made hole on Earth

The government of Ecuador allowed foreign companies to start highly pollutive mining projects, even though the constitution enshrines the rights of nature. They are looking for short-term profit while destroing the nature on which all the planet depends and extinguishing indigenous populations.

The mining companies make promises of economic growth, but leave behind death of nature and a big economic burden for the state to repair the damage caused by mining. The pollution is in perpetuity and the destruction irreversible. All the money in the world cannot re-build this fragile eco-system.

The ecuadorian rainforest is among the most biodiverse areas on the planet. The Amazon produces one-fifth of the world´s oxygen and counteracts greenhouse gases. It´s basin is hosting over two thirds of the world´s fresh water. As inhabitants of this planet this matter concerns us all as the destruction of this eco-system is inducing changes for all life forms on the planet.
Indigenous people hold vital information about co-existing with nature and they are totally dependent on it. If they loose this land, their culture and population will be extinct.

The Mirador mine is the first of these mining projects and can become the biggest man made hole on Earth with a depth of 1250m. As more large-scale mining projects are pending in that area, the developing of the Mirador mine signifies the opening of the Pandora´s box in the ecuadorian rainforest.

The environmentalist Luis Corral ( describes with clarity the incompatibility of mining with the cultural and ecological survival of the affected area, and the indigenous people.

Environmental NGO´s and indigenous people started a court action against the Mirador mine based on the rights of nature enshrined in the constitution. 
There is no media coverage on this topic in Ecuador. Judges that take decisions against the president Correa´s policies loose their jobs. We need to show judge Juez Pablo Narváez that the international community is aware of what´s happening and that we support him in taking the decision.
This lawsuit is of great importance because it has the power to create a precedent and prevent other such destructions.

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