Urgent request: Please donate to our legal fund!

We require legal funds urgently for the first Public Inquiry related to the UK's 'Dash for Gas', beginning March 2014. We are Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF): local residents, farmers, community councillors and councillors who came together around…Read More

Say YES to Rights of Nature

We are asking you to sign with us. In our last letter and recent postings, we shared that Fundación Pachamama, a founding member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and a legitimate, nonviolent advocate for indigenous communities and Rights of…Read More

"We are not protesters, we're protectors"

Three Horseback Journeys Trace Paths of Imminent Pipeline Destruction We rode horses from the Headwaters of the Mississippi along the proposed route of a new oil pipeline that would cross the reservation. It was the third of a series of rides on oil pipeline…Read More

Thousands protest in Ecuador’s capital for “Water, Life, and Dignity of the People”

25,000 people walking 700 kilometres for 2 weeks in Equador. WHY? Because their food and water livelihoods are dwindling. WHY? Because mining uses enormous amounts of water eg the mine "Mirador“ on the border of Peru uses up some astonishing 140 LITRES OF…Read More

Protect Our Land - Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

To: Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama. Protect Our Land - Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline http://www.causes.com/actions/1749252-protect-our-land-stop-the-keystone-xl-pipeline

Zuckerberg Promoting Dirty Fuels? Dislike!

To: Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman And CEO of Facebook, INC Update: Wow - we're over 7,000 now! Will you help us get to 10,000? Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is bankrolling political ads that push dangerous, dirty projects like the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline…Read More

NEW VIDEO: "Don't Frack My Mother" is an anthem for everyone

NEW VIDEO: "Don't Frack My Mother" is an anthem for everyone http://www.causes.com/actions/1738532-new-video-dont-frack-my-mother-is-an-anthem-for-everyone
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