USA Cares’ mission is to reduce the impact of joblessness among the OIF/OEF Veterans by utilizing a combination of financial assistance and employment/training/referral and facilitation.

The objective of Jobs for Vets is to reduce joblessness among OIF/OEF* veterans by utilizing a combination of financial assistance and employment, training, referral and facilitation. Priority is given to combat injured, Guard and Reserve unemployed veterans.

USA Cares works with various organizations (public/private) to identify veteran employment/training candidates—bringing veteran candidates and employers together:

• Training pipeline established
• Job placement based on initial demands by employer

Depending upon status and need, veterans may be qualified for VA/state assistance:

• Similar assistance may be available from USA Cares with a demonstrated and verified need
• Supported by grand funding and private corporate donations

1. www.usacares.org

2. https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/USACaresInc/OnlineDonation.html

3. http://usacares.org/index.php/assistance/sub/category/main_jobs_for_vets