Join this Cause to add your name to ORA's petition to Save Death Row Animals Without Voices at Hamilton City Animal Control.

By joining this Cause (ORA Project Accountability NOW: Abolish Death Row at Hamilton Animal Control!) you allow your full name and location only to be used by ORA and fellow rescue groups to lobby for much-needed change at the Hamilton City Animal Control! This important Cause advocates on behalf of HAC's Death Row Animals Without Voices to ask the Hamilton AC to come up with alternative animal control management solutions, once and for all, that respect life.

ORA Project Accountability NOW: Abolish Death Row at Hamilton Animal Control! joins with existing Facebook and local group movements over a mutual goal of establishing long desired change at HAC. This Cause was also formed in reaction to a shocking news report of the recent deaths of otherwise healthy cats, Treena and Britain, on Friday, April 29th, 2011 - deaths that resounded throughout local rescue networks in the Greater Toronto Area.

According to the report, a vet technician had unilaterally marked two previously unmarked cats, Treena and Britain, for euthanasia, before the closing of the pound on Thursday, April 28th. By the evening of Friday, April 29th, ORA and fellow animal rescue groups received notifications that Treena and Britain had been killed in the morning. No one comprehends why these two cats had to be put down in such a hurry without giving rescue groups in the GTA any opportunity to save their lives! We deprecate the meaningless violence perpetrated against Treena and Britain, and countless others like them in the past.

Thus, this petition is being built in response to the tragedy that took place on April 29th, and in support of existing movements to permanently stop the killings at Hamilton Animal Control. Please join the Cause, and add your name to the Petition to Abolish Death Row at Hamilton Animal Control today!

Thank you for joining our Cause.

Claudia Vecchio
Founder/Volunteer Chairperson

and the Volunteers at

ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

ORA's HAC-STK blog

ORA on Facebook:

1. We ask that the decision of euthanization be taken collectively by senior staff at the pound and not left in the hands of one person;

2. that the massive and barbaric killing of healthy animals be stopped; that the picking up and killing of pets found roaming outside be stopped;

3. that a cost effective trap, neuter and return (TNR) program be implemented in place of scheduled killing for the ferals;

4. that a comprehensive low cost spay and neuter program be made available to help curb the pet population;

5. that the fees for reclaiming an animal be reduced; opening hours extended; and that the pound be opened up to the public for adoption.