Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)'s mission is to educate and advocate, to solve problems related to smart meters in Southern California.

The health and welfare of Southern Californians, our pets, our wildlife, the web of life, and our entire environment is at stake. Smart (utility) meters are being installed on all buildings in California at a rapid pace. Many thousands of people are reporting serious health problems following the installations. Thousands of studies have yielded scientific evidence showing why this new technology is unsafe, yet the government is using obsolete standards and ignoring the risks. There is mounting evidence, with warnings by experts against the use of smart meters. SCASM is organizing to inform and empower all of Southern California, adding our voices and efforts to those in other parts of our state, to demand immediate relief and to end the use of dangerous smart meters. Visit www.smartmeterdangers.org for more info, resources, and the science.

1. SCASM represents people, including utility customers, in Southern California who are concerned about smart meters.

2. Smart meters pollute the environment with electro smog, harm public health, risk our animals and wildlife, and interfere with safety and privacy.

3. We believe in immediate smart meter opt-outs and swap-outs for concerned, at risk, or sick individuals.

4. We actively seek all solutions and education of the general public in Southern California.

5. We demand that our state and federal governments institute an immediate moratorium on all installations & end the use of harmful smart meters.