Stolen lands, stolen gold, stolen silver, stolen diamonds, stolen oil, stolen timber, stolen fish, stolen lives! Native peoples could not speak English at Contact, the translation was bad. We continue to struggle on "reserves" with legislative poverty today across all nations. The west was not won,…Read More

Native women are treated with linear racialized sexual discrimination and extreme violence in Canada!

World Pulse: Native Women Rising

Native women do not have a voice under legislation; Indian Act. Please come out and share a cultural story! Longhouse Women are from a Matriarchal Society, totally unrecognized by Canadian Laws. We seek to gain acknowledgement! You are invited to come out…Read More

Free Beatrice Hunter!!!!

"speak the truth"....

This inquiry is geared toward making government people rich, has nothing to do with doing what is right - and hearing the stories and making change, equal agreements is a fight from birth to death. Waiting for justice is a huge lie! Justin is pushing this off…Read More

Native healers to heal our nations!!! Recognize them.

"People thought we were monsters because we could not cry"...growing up in residential school we were not allowed to cry, or we would get it worse! If there be any place on earth to become a psychotic, then it was the industry of children pushed through an…Read More

Last Potlatch was 1906.

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