Native Women go missing in Canada at an Alarming Rate!

Native women go missing in North America at an alarming rate! Nobody cares! We seek funding for group consultations, research questionnaire go out to participants, making quilts for a give away for elders that participate; Native women do not have dreams like…Read More

Native Women; Police target poster/image

Police force used native woman's image for target practice! Imagine. We need your funding to get this project off the ground: your support is desperately needed for a Voice on Native Women and Issues being faced today in Canada; reconciliation appears to be…Read More

Campaign for social policy changes and homes for Native Peoples, High racism against First Nations Peoples of Canada when it comes to apartments for rent, and how does Canada going to deal with this problem - and find solutions. How many tent camps are there for…Read More

Every man has a mother - all of life, is from a woman

Helen Betty Osborne; Conspiracy of Silence

Native women are invisible under the Indian Act; its a fight to the bitter end for justice.

Native women live in two cultures!

Your donations are needed and appreciated to revive memorials how they should be - instead of how they are today. Many of the original families live in deep poverty, under policies of Canada. This is a longhouse, where we host memorials, Indian Dances, and…Read More
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