Health care issues of the Great North. Specialty skin care is not available or accessible.

Amended to death! Donations needed to complete research that is badly needed for Reconciliation on Lands, Water and Women's Rights. Native girls or children were removed from Cowichan in early 1900's for the work skills…Read More

Native children need their Mothers and Women of the Native Nations for Security and Cultural Identity!

I had 5 mothers in the longhouse, that breast fed me - my mother did not breast feed me, because she gave me to the Clan Mother of the longhouse to raise me and teach me, so I had 5 mother's...and my grandmother the Clan Mother..I was the last baby raised the…Read More

Family Courts, Social Workers, Lawyers fail Aboriginal Youth!

Restore families, end serious neglect of Aboriginal Children during decision making of Family Courts & Child and Family Serices; children are used like a "resource" for family courts, lawyers, social workers, and in the end is highly abusive and damaging…Read More

Native America women murdered and scalped! She died a violent death!

Spread the word, support, and acknowledge; native women are hunted down, raped and murdered across North America - by racist men. This is a hate crime! Native Organizations and Women's Groups work over-time with lack of funds to organize and try to end…Read More

Low-grade health care for the Aboriginal Population of Canada; causing serious health problems today!

Every decision our leaders make, is like an ax coming through the door. We need money for Native Populations and Appropriate Health Care costs or services; our Population didn't stay the same as 60 years ago. Our population has grown but its fragile with the…Read More


Over many years I campaigned for native women and human rights, plus delved into research activity which takes up a lot of my time and volunteering because its important for Native Women and Justice related issues for Reconciliation. I got a couple women to…Read More
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