Let me speak....stop racism!

Racism is an ugly face, it carries violence and enforces degradation toward the most vulnerable group of peoples in society. We are not savages, reserves are not acceptable any longer. Reserves are symbolic of holding and preserving wildlife, and no human…Read More

Action: Support Brigette DePage and Canadian Youth

Brigette DePage is a Canadian youth that worked in Parliament as a page girl, and had the courage to put a sign on live television that said "STOP HARPER". Resulting in her immediate termination but she was on live television and her face and message went…Read More

Cowichan is NOT for Sale...Stop the Treaty!

How can we trust a Government that fails their fiduciary duty to existing Treaties with First Nations Peoples of Canada. How can we trust a Government that does not view Native Women of Canada as Human. In Cowichan, the Indigenous Peoples live in Great…Read More

We do not want non-native, non-Cowichan men heading the Treaty for Cowichan.

Cowichan has Sovereign Heads of State; the Chieftains by Birth. The Treaty cannot be negotiated by men, whom are not the Heads of State according to law. Clan Mothers carry the Word of Law of the Longhouse carried down for over a million years. These men,…Read More

Please donate...we need your support for a public forum,

Campaigning for your Support and Donations for an Indigenous Human Rights Forum: "let me speak...stop racism" please help us find a Voice. Its time. http://www.gofundme.com/letmespeak

Stop Violence Against Native Woman Prince Albert, SK

Murdered and Murdered Indigenous Women; "let me speak...stop racism"

http://globalnews.ca/video/1869660/full-story-the-missing-and-the-murdered Acknowledge, understand, allow Indigenous Women to Speak....please donate. http://www.gofundme.com/letmespeak
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