Linear racialized violence is intentional, under the Indian Act

I get a lot of messages from Non-Native Women to campaign for all Women! Not all Women live under the Indian Act, like Native Women of Canada. When women of Canada received the right to vote, they were able to vote before native men/women of Canada. The…Read More

Campaign for funding for historical research;

The court system is Patriarchal, and our society is Matriarchal; Clan Mothers did not give our lands up to anyone foreign. The foreign crown that arrived, discussed matters with Hereditary Chiefs, that could not speak nor understand English, and they could…Read More

Policy of Indian - Crimes Against Humanity

Snowden says "leaders come and go, but policy stays after they are gone"...(I would like policy & legislative reform for the Indian act, child welfare act, social services, justice, etc. poverty is man-made, and there is deep social control of native…Read More

Free Red Fawn!!!

Native women are treated with brutal and violent force by police and the justice system. Asking for public support to Release Red Fawn - Standing Rock Protector! Aho...share, care and become involved!

Officer ordered to participate in reconciliation process...

Support the Women Peacefully Protesting at Standing Rock, Aho Planes flying over standing rock camp - spraying chemicals on the native peoples.

stop bullying of native women on reserves,

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