Non-native professionals cannot heal our nation....let me speak,

When I was a little girl, the buttercup field was my happiness. my solace, my personal place. I seen them sprout out of the ground, reminding me of regrowth, renewal, a new beginning. My life had meaning. I was a child of the earth and the buttercup field was…Read More

Following a system failing our land and women....

Mother earth is female, when our lands are attacked so are the women. The system is failing us, why follow a system failing us! One day we will all be wiped…Read More

Living in pool hall until they get a house on reserve in Canada.

While our governments fight over elections, this couple lives in pool hall with no sanitation or running water. She is pregnant. Let us make this count..please voice your concern or donate to our cause. Let me speak...stop racism in Canada. Homelessness for…Read More

Let me speak...Stop Racism

Read, become involved..donate, let me speak...stop racism. As friends or family to donate to our campaign for a voice.

How many funerals of British Columbia natives? How much money transferred into Health Care BC?

Many funerals and missing and murdered native women from British Columbia. So many deaths of native peoples of British Columbia, 100% preventable deaths, caused by living in poverty and low health care. Many younger natives - who haven't seen a full life took…Read More

We urge Harper for Inquiry of Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women. We have a living culture, living language, and living traditions; Aboriginal women carry the word of law of the lands,…Read More

Aboriginal Girls deserve to enjoy life without corruption!

Aboriginal girls deserve a good life without corruption and violence. The Indian Act is the Longest and most Violent Act of Cultural Genocide in the History of the World as we know it. Stop and think about the problems caused by Poverty! Poverty is man made!…Read More
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