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Daleen Bosse Case,


The Daleen Bosse investigation was long - and very stressful for the native community of Saskatoon when she disappeared. The lawyer is seeking the loop hole to get the murderer off! Say a prayer for Daleen Bosse's family tonight. She has a husband and children. She was in college and in the middle of changing her career. She deserves justice and dignity by the court system. Please support Native Women seeking human rights in North America. For too many decades the police and courts of Canada have been very reluctant in giving sentences that fit the crime for the brutal deaths of native women. Lets make our membership count and create awareness and support. We ask for Life Sentence with no chance of Parole. He was not mentally insane when he systematically and carefully calculated her death. He was a very racist man and thought very carefully how he would murder her and dispose of her body. Racism kills, regardless of his hardships or issue's he was experiencing, he still calculated and systematically took Daleen Bosse's life. Say a prayer for Daleen Bosse's family and ask your friends to support our cause. Huy Ch Q'u Sharon,


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