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Inquiry needed - Canada feels its not necessary, we feel it is!!

Inquiry for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Canada.

Please support, care, become about the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women of Canada. Lets work hard, lets make change happen. Aho,

Mariella Lennie Murdered - unsolved. Support our Fight for Justice.

Let me speak...stop racism,

Please let Aboriginal Women come together, talk, support one another, join hands, acknowledge our life, understand what policy and legislation done to our women. Let me speak..stop racism. Donate, have compassion, we are human! Donate;…Read More

Social workers are not Justice Experts on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

"Let me speak...stop racism"... An Inquiry would promote Justice Reform and Equal Agreements. Its time for Aboriginal Governments to have their own justice system, jails, policing, guards, case workers, lawyers, justice…Read More

Support, care, donate...

​Donate; lets listen to Aboriginal Women from a Grass Roots Level. This is not a political campaign for votes, not a non-native media alert, no reports or lies. Let me speak...stop racism! Please support a public forum for Aboriginal Women;…Read More
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