Native healers to heal our nations!!! Recognize them.

"People thought we were monsters because we could not cry"...growing up in residential school we were not allowed to cry, or we would get it worse! If there be any place on earth to become a psychotic, then it was the industry of children pushed through an…Read More

Last Potlatch was 1906.

Women badly beaten Cowichan Valley British Columbia, held hostage 3 days!

Women should not become beaten like this or held hostage! Its a violent crime! Please support - end the Violence Against Women. Women are Sacred!

The extinction of Aboriginal Peoples Canada.

Aboriginal Women died from 26 blows to the head,

Man to be sentenced 18-24 Months in Jail;

Man to receive a light sentence for the dismemberment of body, because he states she was already dead.

Health care issues of the Great North. Specialty skin care is not available or accessible.

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