Peace, Love, Land and Livelihood for All People

We, the peace loving people of the Earth, come together in unity with the common goal of creating the opportunity of land and livelihood for all. We are aware that we are our governments. Therefore government land is our land; and land should be made available for those who need it.
We have no intention of taking anything from anyone. We have no intention of inflicting harm or destruction upon any person, place or thing. We are simply dedicated to the common idea that land and livelihood ought to be made available to all on planet Earth. The governments of the world have more then enough land to easily house and sustain those who are impoverished.
We are not Socialist, Communists, or Capitalists. We are simply acknowledging that there is enough uninhabited land and resource available for all those in need.
The implementation of this idea will create mass relief by easing the pressure, strain, and stress of trying to make rent and mortgage. We have seen the current system of rent, mortgage, and property tax continuously fail.
It is necessary that all people be given a plot of land to make and call their own so that they feel secure and empowered to create a livelihood and a foundation to stand on when all other business ventures fail.
We need not ask our government for this right, because we are our government. We must demand that new systems be put in place.
If those in office only stand to represent the interests of the corporations or private parties who finance them and their campaigns, then we will peacefully and lovingly remove them from representation and replace them with those who are fit to represent the common interest of the people on Earth.
The common person on Earth seeks a peace loving life. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu’s, Krishna’s, Taoist’s and others have all taught peace and love at the core of their religions. These religions make up more then 90% of the world population. It is time that all soldiers put down their weapons and love their “enemy”. We are one people with one common goal. Elitism can no longer stop us. We are much more stronger and powerful as a collective. When people refuse to fight then those who make war will have no pawn to play. The only power elitism has is the power we allow them to have. For too long this power has been corrupt and failed to address the basic needs of our fellow human beings.
There is more than enough land and recourse for all to share. We are in an exciting time in which energy can be drawn from self-contained home units. Soon we can power all we need, grow all we need, and share our abundance with our neighbors, as they share with us.
The current fight for land and resource is only a dying idea created by elitists. We love them and bring them up with us. The new way is integrative and binding with love. None are beyond our reach, and none shall be persecuted for the way they have been brought up.
It is time to replace the old way with a new idea: Council of Love. This Council of Love exists independently of central control in each and every community around the world. Each council can connect and learn from the other as we create new systems. We are all branches from the same tree. The council functions as a planning and organization group with the intention of creating the greatest opportunity of abundance for all in the community. Create your council today; and when the old idea dies, this new system will be ready to replace it. Land and livelihood for all! Peace and Love!