To get YouTube to put a ban on animal abuse video`s on their page

In light of the recent attention made about the little horse from Romania on YouTube who is filmed daily being beaten and tortured it has come to my attention that something has to be done to show YouTube that we are not happy with this and that something has to change. I don’t know if it will work but maybe if enough people join this cause YouTube will listen and want to keep the people happy. This is not the first case of this happening, there was a girl who threw a litter of puppies one by one into a river while videotaping it and laughing. There was also a video from a lady who took a kitten and stepped on it with a pair of stiletto`s on until it was dead, it was over an 8 min video of this poor kitten being stepped on while still alive. To my knowledge none of these people have been charged with animal cruelty. There are actual videos of dogfights on YouTube, if you type in the word “dog” into the search dog fights is the fourth option. This is not right and these sick people need to be banned from posting this online. This is not meant to be some hardcore animal’s rights page; it doesn’t take an animal freak to see this is just not right. I am hoping everyone joins this out of the kindness of their hearts, like I said it might not work but it’s worth a try right? If you would like to contact YouTube yourself their contact number is 1 650-253-0000. If you decide to call please speak respectfully and do not talk down to or insult them. Anger and badmouthing is not the way we are going to be able to get our point across and have something done. Please invite everyone you know to join this cause, it is so important to not let this continue!

1. People should not be allowed to post animal abuse video`s they make.

2. YouTube should give proper authorities information on the individual that owns the account where the video`s are being posted.

3. YouTube should ban any account where animal abuse is uploaded