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A big fat thank you to DSTV and Primedia! Over R400000.00 in sponsored ads!

Our sincere gratitude goes out to Primedia and DSTV for sponsoring the flighting the radio and television adverts for the "I Need Rehab" campaign.

I Need Rehab is fulfilling a need identified by the AAC. The campaign aims to ensure that people who cannot afford treatment are given helpful advice in a kind and respectful manner. Just because people can't afford rehabs, doesn't mean that they deserve to be treated with any less respect when enquiring about free treatment options.

Then there are people who have medical aid and or cash who are able to afford treatment. They run the risk of not finding good quality care in exchange for payment. I Need Rehab ensures that they are referred to respected treatment centres with good reputations who are also contracted to medical aids.

They are also able to secure loans for rehab treatment up to R60000.00, for people who qualify for loans. A loan for rehab of about R50000.00 would cost just under R2000pm for about 36 months.

Won't you please check out the website and respost it in your Facebook and Twitter feeds? This will help us to get the word out to South Africa that this free national information service is now available!

Thank you for your support!


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