call for sustainable IT

On May 7th, people all over Europe and around the world will join us in an international day of action. This action day will demonstrate to Apple and to the whole IT sector that we, the consumers, do not accept the unfair working conditions and environmental destruction that the makeITfair campaign has revealed.

GoodElectronics and makeITfair are calling consumers around Europe to participate on the International makeITfair Action Day on May 7th via street actions and social media. The aim of the Action Day is to raise awareness on the working conditions from where our iPods and iPads are made and to put pressure on Apple regarding fair production. A new report by SACOM (HK) concerning the working conditions of Foxconn’s factories producing Apples’ products will be published in the near future.

As you may have noticed, Apple is one of the worlds' leading electronic brands and should take on responsibility for the social and environmental problems in their supply chain.

Most recently, more than 135 workers were poisoned at one of Wintek’s factories producing Apple’s new iPads and iPhones in China. In addition, in 2010, at another factories in China called Foxconn’s , 19 young workers attempted suicide .

makeITfair and GoodElectronics are urging Apple to make sure its Code of Conduct is respected by these and other suppliers since our goal is to improve the lives of workers around the globe who are working long hours for poor pay to satisfy our constant demands for the latest electronic gadgets...

“Time to bite into a fair Apple; Call for sustainable IT!”

Join Us!


1. fair working hours for Chinese workers

2. increased transparency

3. Better purchasing practices