To facilitate collaborations between citizens, scientists and government, environmental and academic organizations to improve the well-being of ocean ecosystems through research and education

The Florida Reef Project is under way! Ocean Rehab has begun certifying divers as we begin work to create the first-ever baseline of the Southeast Florida Reef Tract. These divers are being certified free of charge, to Reef Check International standards, in preparation for their survey dives. We have also solidified several important partnerships, both statewide and nationally, which will enable Ocean Rehab to begin this essential work. These will lead to the baseline survey and, eventually, positively affect management decisions which are key to protecting coral reefs all over Florida.

1. To create a baseline survey of the Southeast Florida Reef Tract

2. To certify 600 volunteer divers (free of charge) in order to create this scientific baseline

3. To begin a grassroots, citizen-led movement to protect Florida's coral reefs

4. To solidify strategic collaborations in order to improve the well-being of ocean ecosystems through research, education and public awareness

5. Read all about us at www.oceanrehab.org