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Time For New Tracking/Profiling Technology Laws Google?

The Game Dog Wars & Other's Like it are NOT entertainment -Real or virtual. In Dog Wars animals are tortured every day, forced to fight for their lives-Brutally suffer to entertain their owners & make money for them! And now Kage Games LLC has created a game that glorifies this as entertainment! You've got to be kidding me...

I read they're tracking everyone who downloads this game & are working on laws to continue this *profiling trend*! Download violent games that see VILE crimes as entertainment & you'll be profiled...Those who download ring massive attention to themselves. Not a smart idea to bring attention to yourself from the stats I've read about those involved in real life dog fighting or other vile crimes!

These days you just never know with people. I do not believe that Google condones this game! Google is an extremely powerful company with endless resources...Gotcha as some would say...No? It might be time for new technology laws/guidelines Google?:)?


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