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DOG WARS UPDATE: April 30th, 2011


As we predicted; the Android Phone App called *Dog Wars* has been renamed; It`s now called *Dog Fighting* &/or *KG Fighting* Even more direct, graphic & despicable than the original :( In addition, there are 2 NEW "add-on" apps under the name *Dog Bucks* that need to be flagged. Kage Games LLC, (The app developer) has been quite cunning...

Contact Google directly to flag these apps as inappropriate:
1. (a)
1. (b) Email: [email protected]

To avoid confusion, let us remind you that Google didn`t develop these apps:
Please contact Kage Games LLC-The Game App Developer:
2. (a) Developer's e-mail address: [email protected]
2. (b) Kage Games KKC general address: [email protected]

We must draw the line somewhere...No doubt Kage Games LLC is enjoying this & sadly, they may even think the attention is funny-Ideally Kage Games LLC will be shut down for good soon:)?!?:)

Thanks so much for your help as well as your patience...

Pitbulls "can" & "do" make great familly pets. Sadly, they are a mis-understood breed. And many of the dogs that are rescued/adopted are from deeply abusive homes. That said, here is a sunny story about Pitties, I just had to share:)


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