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Technology should NOT be used to perpetuate, allow, condone, or even glorify heinous vicious crimes such as Dog Fighting as a form of entertainment!

Say NO to the Android Phone AP/Game called *Dog Wars*. This game sends the wrong message to our children & society is general. This game, is part of a bigger problem-Increasing acceptance of violence in society as a whole. Bullying & preying on the weak thinking it's entertainment. Using the vulnerable for profit, thinking it’s fun! This is THE the big picture problem! In this case, the vulnerable are domesticated dogs & they're brutally abused. And technology is used to perpetuate that!

You can do a lot gathering likeminded people outraged at this game. This IS the first step to making positive change. Technology should NEVER be used to allow, condone, or glorify heinous crimes like Dog Fighting as a form of entertainment.

Thank you for joining this cause! Please share it on your wall & with your friends. Invite your friends...Encourage them to do the same.

This is a start...

If you're in CANADA Please Help Support Liberal Mark Holland's Bill C-229-Sign the petition to Update Canadian Animal Cruelty Laws:!/note.php?note_id=10150103674108199

Research shows that the direct link between violence/abuse against animals & violence/abuse against human beings is indisputable by the way...


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