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Plant your own Google Earth Geo Tagged Tree for only $8.

The World Wildlife Fund and Google Earth Outreach programme has started a campaign where you can plant a Geo-Tagged tree (choose from 3 species) in Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

You only pay USD$5.50 (thats sing dollar $7.60) and it will provide for everything - seed, land, nursery, maintenance, protection, transplantation.

In return, you will receive an email, with a file which you can then use Google Earth or Google Maps to look at your personal baby tree.

Your tree will support a living habitat for animals like the orangutan, elephant, the clouded leopard (it's a totally new species of cat) and many other animals.

Considering that every 2 minutes, rainforests the size of 6 football fields are being cleared in Borneo, we'd better help in the reforestation efforts.

Go to and get your personal tree now.


If you would like to help out more, you can click at these free sites where 100% of the advertising revenue goes to the respective organisations:

All it takes is your one click, less than 5 mins everyday, NO MONEY NEEDED. - help eliminate hunger in poorer countries. - support breast cancer survivors and awareness - Protect the health of children, from preventive medicine to prosthetic limbs on landmine victims. - help provide children with books and education, from countries like Tibet, India, Vietnam, Laos. - Support the preservation of rainforest land and habitat for animals in Eucador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other countries. - Help give bowls for food to rescued animals in shelters and sanctuaries.

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