We've reached our 2,000 marker, great job everyone! our next goal is to get to 5K, lets keep at it! We need to continue to act and keep the pressure on the administration. They're hoping that since the meeting has happened and finals are coming up they will…Read More

Meeting with the Committee

Hi all, In a few hours we (Brown wrestlers and alumni) will be meeting with the four main committee members. We will be presenting our own personal stories about the sport and what it means to us and then presenting our counterpoints to the committee's…Read More


Today we met with President Simmons to discuss the future of the sports programs in question. The meeting was brief, only about 30 minutes, but I would say it went well. We brought up points about the diversity that these sports (with special respect to…Read More


Hi again everyone, First off, I wanted to thank everyone that has joined so far and spread the word. I'd also like to thank everyone that has been posting on here, Keep it up! If everyone could follow this link and sign our petition it would be a huge…Read More

Petition to save Brown Sports

Hi everyone, To our newest members: Thank you again for joining the cause, you're support is much appreciated! Please sign this petition to show you disagree with the recommendation to cut these teams and believe that discontinuing them would have a strong…Read More

Save Brown Wrestling: Update

Hi all, I thank you graciously for your support here, and hopefully we continue to expand our cause in the coming days. For now, I think that it's safe to say that our goal is to reach out to as many friends, fans, and family members as possible, even local…Read More
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