This is a request both for solidarity, and a request for action. Email spam not included :D

The U.S. Myths Class is not a class that teaches anything beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict than what is necessary in order to deconstruct the depiction it in the U.S. Mainstream Media. To be able to analyze media coverage of any issue, no matter how controversial is vital in an age where impressionable youth are constantly being bombarded with information.

"In Fall 2010, SAIC’s Liberal Arts department announced that it would begin a restructuring process"- it is important to note that the LAD is not the only department being 'restructured'. "As a result, some classes were cancelled in order to create room for new ones. During this structural shift, Roxane Assaf, who taught the “Communication Theory” and “Palestine/Israel: US Media Myths” courses in the department, was fired. Upset by this decision, many of Assaf’s ex-students wrote a petition directed to Lisa Wainright, SAIC Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, to have “Palestine/Israel: US Media Myths” reinstated."
This is a continuation of that cause.

"Three universities have fired or denied tenure to extremely popular, and internationally recognized professors who taught about this conflict. And even if SAIC’s decision to do so wasn’t motivated by politics, students aren’t happy about the curricular changes — and they’re speaking out for what they believe are vital components of their academic experience."

All quotes above were taken from the SAIC school newspaper Fnews. The original article can be found here:

1. U.S. Media Myths:Israel-Palestine is one of the most popular/relevant classes in the Liberal Arts Department, Roxane could restructure the course.

2. The class's focus is on how the U.S. media censors/filters information and teaches students to be aware of these censors/filter information.

3. Students have the ability to determine their own views on the subject, and are encouraged to do so. their own beliefs. The purpose of this cl

4. Roxane is a great teacher. She pushes students to question media bias and concerning the Israel-Palestine issue, even hers.

5. This course generates income for the school, it is relevant especially to ART students who need to ask hard questions. Roxane is a great teacher.