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new FB Event "Balance the Budget NOW! Stop National Debt! online&ongoing"

Some people prefer to join Facebook Events since they are more familiar than Causes. Sorry for the duplicate effort, but please also RSVP for the online&ongoing virtual event "Balance the Budget NOW! Stop National Debt! online&ongoing" at which is a shortened URL you can please Tweet about! There is no physical meeting for the event, its just to spread the word and the date listed for it is simply the next date you can next vote out most of the politicians who don't balance the budget.

Please invite all your friends (if you have thousands of them perhaps keep coming back a few minutes a day to invite some of them), "share" the event, post on your wall about it and all the pages you are a fan of, blogs, email people about it, etc. A personal note on the invitation may help. Some friends may RSVP "no" since they are too busy to look further and and decline all events, and posting on walls can help if you notice this.

The Causes approach seemed most appropriate based on its purpose and how many users it has, but an Event may turn out to work better in practice. Flaws in the Causes site were unexpected given its apparent success and their customer service in my view amounts to "if you don't like it, go away". Its useful to continue pushing the Cause as well as a lower priority if you have the time since some people ignore Event invitations, and this also lets me contact people to inform them of other news. Another bit of news will be coming in a few days. Thanks for your help to wake up American and save the country!

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