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If you try, you can reach millions..

At the start a tiny cause can seem frustrating, but we have been doubling less than every 3 days. All it takes to double is each member on average recruiting a new member. The surprising math of viral doubling means that if it takes 3 days to bring in a new recruit, after around 7 weeks we'd reach 10 million (though obviously I don't expect that). If it took 12 days for each person to recruit someone new it would take 7 months to reach 10 million. Expect progress to be slower. However you never know what can happen if people care enough about the country to try to make a difference. Its worth spreading the word to anyone you can even if the cause never grows much beyond its current tiny size. Hopefully we get bloggers or talk radio on our side. There are links to this cause from so its easy to tell someone you speak to in person how to find this.

Please send invitations to your friends then keep reminding them since busy people may not join the first time its mentioned (there is a reason advertisers keep repeating the same messages) A reminder appears on their "wall" but the invite is just a notification. Comments on the last bulletin I posted suggest a "personal message" you can attach to invites& reminders. The "" site is working on an update so even after you have invited all your friends you can get to the reminder page to try again every few days but until then you can just post on the walls of friends. People may take time to get around to joining. Email them, mention it when you see them, etc. Post around the net on blogs, facebook pages, call into talk radio, etc. On a busy fan page keep posting whenever the topic is off the main page so we keep it visible Please do your part to wake the public up.

Thank you for joining, now please help spread the word! :-)

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