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Below Mentioned Points are Interesting to note. Lets here your opinion what should be added or removed or changed form it. suggested by one of the physio friend over my fb account.

The objectives of the council are as follows:-
1. Maintenance of uniform standard of physiotherapy education ,both undergraduate and postgraduate.
2. Recommendation for recognition/nonrecognition of physiotherapy qualification of physiotherapy institution of India or foreign country.
3. Permanent registration/provisional of physiotherapy with recognised physiotherapy qualification.
4. Reciprocity with foreign countries in the matter of manual recognition of physiotherapy qualification.
The rules,regulation & function of council are:-
1. Graduate physiotherapy education regulation.(admission,selection,migration,training etc.)
2. Postgraduate physiotherapy education regulation. (selection,schedule,examination,period of training, general condition to be observed by postgraduate teaching institutions etc.)
3. Teacher eligibility qualification.
4. Code of physiotherapy ethics regulation.
5. Physiotherapy council regulation.
6. Eligibility certification regulation.
7. Screen test regulation.
8. Inspection/visitation with a view to maintain proper standards of physiotherapy education of state.
9. Permission to start new physiotherapy college, new courses including P.G. or higher courses, increases of seats etc.
10. Registration:
a) Permanent registration
b) Provisional registration
c) Registration of additional qualification
d) Issue of good standing certificate for physiotherapy going abroad.
11. Recruitment of the post of physiotherapy.

Dr. Gagan R Charak
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