Invitation to therapists to participate in Falls/osteoporotic fracture prevention survey study from McMaster University

Researches are Part of Professional Development of a profession as well as professional So kindly participate in the process as a request received from NEHA DEWAN to admin of this cause, So we would like to request you to participate in her research. Below…Read More

Caution Physios: Now its not clinical establishment act. Its "DRAFT MASTER LIST OF MEDICAL TREATMENT PROCEDURES"

Dear Physios, Gear up....One more attempt on our autonomy. now its not clinical establishment act. Its "DRAFT MASTER LIST OF MEDICAL TREATMENT PROCEDURES" An attempt by DGHS, New Delhi to list treatment procedures of all health departments & also an…Read More

Kindly all physios Respond to this Notice

Dear Physios, Kindly Go through the Notice and the DRAFT ACT attached and copied here within. Also Read the Draft ACT, Kindly Mail your suggestions as per deadline given for the same. Once the same draft act is passed it will become Law. and everyone have…Read More

Physiotherapist is a medical professionals who recovers the patient....

Views of Miss. Aarti Hira "Physiotherapist is a medical professionals who recovers the patient without medicine in many cases,through exercises online n motivation. It's d important part of medical department as it helps the patient from initial till end…Read More

JKPA Met CMO Jammu regarding appointment under NRHM

Ref. No. JKPA/72 Date: 3-1-2014 Today a deputation of JKPA met CMO of Distt. Jammu. JKPA accused authorities of appointing a physiotherapist in Jammu District under NRHM Scheme. He said that they had submitted objection regarding the select list to District…Read More

A Female Physiotherapist of JKPA Misbehaved. Need a Strong Voice!

The Below Mentioned Words are pure words from the Female Physiotherapist, Who was Misbehaved By a Senior Orthopedics. Here her Statement & Message Goes. Asalamualikm, every body is thriving fo jobs n oll,, i cnt undrstan wot ppl wl do f thy wl get…Read More


Below Mentioned Points are Interesting to note. Lets here your opinion what should be added or removed or changed form it. suggested by one of the physio friend over my fb account. The objectives of the council are as follows:- 1. Maintenance of uniform…Read More
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