Emergency Transport Funding Needed!

EMERGENCY PLEA FOR HELP: Little Romeo and some of his friends are waiting to go to Raja Renata Ranch to start training to be Service Dogs for wounded soldiers with PTSD, TBI, etc. and for children with challenges including autism.. Even $1 will help! The…Read More

Check out our fundraiser auctions!

Please sign the petition to help improve the Mobile County Animal shelter!

PLEASE SIGN- and get your friends to as well! If you live in Mobile County please contact your local representative. We need a way for the public - the taxpayers- who fund this shelter to have a say in the direction it's…Read More

Cathys pups need help!

http://animalholicsanonymous.chipin.com/cathys-puppies Southbark is always trying to save families, and shelters in the south are full of puppies. With so many rescue groups up north having waiting lists for puppies, isn't it better for them to have homes…Read More

More dogs riding to freedom!

This week we sent rescued dogs in three directions- next week we want to have enough to send them north, south, east and west! It's been a hectic but wonderful week- so many were rescued- sadly, many were not. One thing that will help Southbark move more…Read More

A click a day is all we need to get a new van!

SouthBARK supporters- and anyone who wants to help save the life of an animal- all it takes is a click a day for us to get a van for our transports! Now we are having to rent a van for transports, and each rental costs hundreds of dollars. It's well worth it,…Read More

SouthBARK needs help for Heaven!

Heaven and her gorgeous puppies are in need help! They were rescued off of death row at the Mobile County animal shelter. Heaven had 3 beautiful babies and only 2 survived. Thankfully our friend Danny at Dannys doghouse had room for them- but we need funding…Read More
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