HOPELESS I'm barren, broken & lost all hope BUT Jynx is alive and on the road to recovery

got a call from Jynx's Dr asking if they can take her in for a 5th surgery after I was absolutely clear & up front that the last procedure would be HER last because we are so far in debt. So they want me to do daily dressing changes but they took out the…Read More

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was supposed to take Jynx to the Vet today but can't :{ I'm doing her dressing change daily and giving her meds twice a day poor baby hates being in her Kennel all day but she is not supposed to move that leg to much to promote healing.

0030 4/23/2011

Jynx is still in surgery I called no updates since Vet is with her.

Update on Jynx

has to be taken in for surgery tonight her right leg is bad they are going to do cultures and try to close the wound again it's not healing at all. Hopefully this surgery will be successful and she can keep her leg. Another $700 tonight plus the $1600 I'm…Read More

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Jynx had a post-op check no drains can be taken out they looked at the site where 1 fell out on it's own she has to go back tomorrow to see the Vet who performed her surgery it was a different Vet today. So they just evaluated the sites and cleaned them up a…Read More

Jynx NEEDS an open top&bottom play yard stuck on floor for 4 hours

I need an open top kennel/play yard so if she flops down somewhere and gets comfy I can just put it up around her. She was stuck on the floor for 4 hours had to ask Casey to come help me transfer her into the kennel so I could leave and get her supplies. I'm…Read More

Received a donation via paypal trying to set up button on cause page

Received donation via paypal I'm not sure if she wants to remain anonymous will update, trying to set up the direct site so all donations can be tracked on cause page but I'm not real sure how to an organization is going to contact me in a few
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