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Dear , You will be amazed to see the has been "Liked" by approx 40, 0 0 0 people from across the globe. Its a RECORD in itself . Now its your turn to let your FRIENDS enjoy it. SHARE on your…Read More

Would YOU like to make a WORLD RECORD ?

Yes, Its true ! You too can make a World Record, as a Memory Mission Member. Steps: 1.Click (if not clicked yet)"Like" button at the top of 2. INVITE FRIENDS : Using "Invite friends" button, to do same thing [Clicking "Like"…Read More

Congratulations ! Yu hoooooo ! Its a CLUB NOW....

Congratulations to you and to all those who opted to become first 101 FOUNDER MEMBERS of MEMORY MISSION. At 100, FACEBOOK has awarded it the very prestigious status of C L U B ........ So, no more appeals at this point of time, because.. " Its the time to…Read More

Reaching 100, Making of a CLUB

We are 81 now. Target is to reach 100 TOMORROW ONLY . INVITE YOUR FRIENDS USING "GREEN BUTTON " - "INVITE FRIENDS". Only YOU can make it possible......................

Now we can reach next level of 100 members , called CLUB

Hello Mission Members, This is just to inform you that now we can reach next level of 100 members, called CLUB - with a little more efforts. For example, we are 72 now [as on 6th July 10 pm]. If YOU invite your ALL friends and even if some of them join, it…Read More

Congratulations on reaching 50 memberships.

You will be happy to know that your Memory Mission has reached next level of 50 members in a very very short time of 3 days only. Congrats once again ! Here, let me remind you to visit my new memory tips page and click "Like"…Read More

Next level of "50" [called Family]is quite close, do invite all your friends:

Hello friends, Your response has given me fresh motivation. In only 2 days time, the number of members has reached 38 from mere 9. Together WE CAN MAKE INDIA BETTER. Jai Ho !
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