Game Friend Finder

Game Friend Finder Is back up and running.....ONLY PROBLEM IS, you cant find new friends......Why I don't know.....But everything else is pretty much the same on it.....enjoy...... heres the link for those that haven't gotten it…Read More

Game Friend Finder Update (Happy Easter To All Of You Who Celebrate It Also....)

We're just continuing to wait for Facebook. We'll keep you updated! Have a great Easter weekend.

Hang In There Folks.....

Game Friend Finder It's not available yet, we're waiting on Facebook for some confirmations. We'll let you know as soon as it's back. Until then, thanks for your support and giving us your thumbs up! 15 hours ago

Game Friend Finder.

Apparently the link for those who were lucky enough to try it today will eventually become the new friend it was a tease today..... heres what the site has posted now "Game Friend Finder Hi. Sorry that we didn't have anything running over the…Read More


I went to the site to see if there was any updates and here is what was posted....."We've got a new version of the app running at Please check it out and let us know how it runs for you!" I'll go check it out all
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